“One stop shop” solution for your financial matters

“KLW have looked after our financial interests for numerous years now. Previously we had our mortgage loans through various banks, our insurance with others and we were receiving simple financial advice from our accountant. After discussing our options with Nathan, Daryl and their staff, we now happily have all of our financial matters, insurances with the one company. The headache of always wondering if we were getting the best deal to suit our needs is now resolved. KLW have been able to look after our loan structure’s , all insurances as well as a detailed plan for retirement.
We highly recommend KLW for the “ one stop shop” solution for your financial matters.
They are a company that is easy to deal with and goes the extra step to make sure that we are happy with all of our financial matters.”

Graeme & Yvie

Insurance covered is real blessing!

“We have been so grateful to Fiona and the team for her help with all of our insurance needs. We previously had multiple policies with different companies, and keeping track was a nightmare! Fiona is all over it! She’s got us some amazing deals, so not only are we saving money, the headache of knowing what’s what is gone! As small business owners, we’ve got enough to think about – knowing Fiona has the insurance covered is real blessing!”

Elle Lawrence

So helpful with all our insurance needs

“Fiona has been so helpful with all our insurance needs. I trust her and know that she will always find us the best deal and be there consistently to support us. Old fashioned personal service, with up to date info!! Love it!!!”

Laurissa Knowles

I now have peace of mind

“When I first sought financial advice, I had no idea what to expect…I had some concerns about seeking advice as it seemed quite daunting.

I sought financial advice as a bit of a self-assessment of what would happen if something happened to me now that I have a family to think about, and knowing that I would be unable to do this all myself it made sense to get advice from a professional.

I chose…KLW as I have known Nathan and Tenille for many years…and trust them to keep my best interest at the forefront of their dealings with me.

KLW helped me with my Superannuation, Life, Trauma, TPD & Income Protection insurance, Housing & Landlords insurance.

I now have peace of mind knowing that if the unthinkable happens there is one less thing to worry about when trying to deal with it.”

Adrian Gargallo, Karratha

The best decision I ever made

“When I first considered Insurance, be it Life, Trauma, TPD or income protection, I was really unsure to whether it was really necessary.

My content issuer suggested I speak with KLW; after speaking with the staff from KLW I realised how important it was to protect my children and their future.


I would have to say the decision was one of the best I have ever made.

When I needed coverage the most, I was covered. KLW have always been extremely professional and reliable.

I would recommend their consult and service as their advice and guidance has made such a difference to my family. KLW truly understand the Importance that family holds for me.”

Ashley & Nina Ward

Our situation would have been very different without KLW

“I hadn’t given much thought to the changes made in my Superannuation, Life Insurances and Income Protection at first, and then I started to receive advice from Nathan, Tenille and Amy.

Some unexpected health issues reminded me that without KLW’s help, mine and my family’s situation would be completely different.

They have proved they are not just good at their jobs but are good people.”

David Baggetta

There are more options out there than I realised…

“KLW helped me with my Superannuation, Life, Trauma, TPD & Income Protection insurance, Housing & Landlords insurance. I now feel like I have control over my super rather than just being a part of an employer designated fund.

I have no problem recommending KLW they take a personal interest in you and will lay out your options, and make it very easy for you to make the right decision.

KLW taught me that there sometimes are more options out there, than what would appear to the normal person.”

Adrian Gargallo, Karratha

I wanted to protect my family but didn’t know where to begin…

“Financial uncertainty is one of the most stressful situations anyone can find themselves in. I understood the importance of protecting my family and myself personally and professionally but did not know where to begin.”

Michael Palazzolo

We will be forever thankful

“Our experiences with the KLW team have been amazing. We have been with KLW for the past 5 years and we will not use any other service for our insurances and financial advice.

Before coming to KLW we did not have Life, TPD or Trauma Insurance, besides what is attached to our Super, thinking like most people “It’ll never happen to us”, luckily for us Tenille and Nathan entered our lives and made suggestions to us which we followed up with.

In 2015, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and Tenille made the whole process of organising my Trauma cover so easy. As you can imagine dealing with medical issues and specialists is full on enough let alone all the paperwork and phone calls to make a claim.

So thankfully Tenille streamlined this process for us and we will be forever thankful to her for taking this stress away from our family at the time. The financial advice provided by Nathan has allowed us to reach our financial goals and to set new goals and targets.

Both Nathan and Tenille are happy to chat and discuss any issues or concerns we may have with our finances or health.

We recommend Nathan and Tenille to anyone and everyone, my parents are also with KLW and cannot speak highly enough of them. We fully and unreservedly recommend KLW services.”

Asharie & Damian Bradshaw

Daryl went above and beyond

“I did go into this venture knowing what to expect as I had used a mortgage broker in the past.

It makes the whole process of navigating the loan market so easy for someone like myself who does not have a great deal of expertise on the area, and as we were referred by a family friend, I was confident that I would be in good hands.

I was assisted in taking out a second mortgage. It was an unusual situation and Daryl went above and beyond to find the right product for me and was extremely easy to work with. I would definitely recommend KLW to anyone!”

Megan Yearbury

Our lives turned upside down

“We first came into contact with Nathan and Tenille Treloar from KLW in 2013, when we met to discuss our Financial Plan…and as a result, we not only sorted out a great Super plan but also, we took out life insurance, income and trauma protection.

We are so glad that we did as less than 1 year later, our lives were turned upside down when Anthony was diagnosed with Rectal Cancer.

Since that time, Nathan and Tenille have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that not only are our finances secure but us as a family too. We both can not stress enough the importance of having all 3 covers, as our lives would of taken a very different path.

Nathan and Tenille are always ready to assist with advice when required and we look forward to a safe and secure future with KLW.”

Anthony and Lizzi Mills.

Confidence for the future

“The information given to us was factual and realistic, with everything explained in easy to understand terms. Giving us the confidence in securing a better life.

KLW sorted everything, it was so easy and stress free. We knew exactly what we were getting into and our only regret is that we didn’t do it earlier!”

Brian & Bridget McCahon

We didn’t know what to expect

“Before our appointment with KLW we didn’t know what to expect. We were uncomfortable about giving our financial information out and the care of our money to someone I didn’t know as you do hear of people getting ripped off all the time.”

Colin and Sue Henry

The best choice we made

“The impact of the advice has allowed us to own our own home and vehicles, we have access to our funds if or when required and I was able to retire along with my husband instead of having to wait an extra 4 years.

After our initial meeting, we learnt how to trust KLW with our superannuation and financial planning. And I am happy to say this was the best choice we have made.”

Colin and Sue Henry

KLW truly understand the Importance that family holds for me.

“When I first considered Insurance, be it Life, Trauma, TPD or income protection I was really unsure to whether it was really necessary.

After speaking with the staff from KLW I realised how important it was to protect my children and their future.

I would have to say the decision was one of the best I have ever made. When I needed coverage the most, I was covered.”

Ashley and Nina Ward

Nothing was too hard or no question unanswered

“The amazing team at KLW Insurance and Planning Services where so accommodating and professional, I knew from the first appointment my financial security would be in good hands.

From Financial Planning to Personnel Protection Management the process was smooth and unproblematic, nothing was too hard or no question went unanswered.”

Michael Palazzolo

The service I received was excellent

“I was looking to insure my tractor which I had just purchased.  I had to look outside our domestic insurance as they would not cover tractors.  I contacted KLW who I had seen on the internet.  I found them very helpful, was happy with the quote and took out the policy.  They asked if they could quote on our house and contents.  I was a little reserved to begin with, however, after receiving the quote and looking though the policy the cover was similar with a few extras and the premium was cheaper.

We recently had a break in and, after calling the police, I contacted KLW who I found to be most helpful.  That night they organised someone to come and fix our door to ensure it was secure. From then on, they keep in contact with me one to see how we were coping and also organising paperwork and assessors for the insurance claim.  If I needed anything all I had to do was call no matter what time if unable to answer straight away I never had to wait to long for a reply. The claim went through relatively quickly.

I have recently recommended KLW to friends.  The service which I received was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”


KLW Insurance