How do you like to spend your weekends?

Whether you’re on it or in it, water is at the heart of Aussie living. From jet-skis to powerboats and catamarans, you work all week to enjoy your toys at the weekend!
How do you enjoy yours…

  • Making the kids scream on the donut as they’re hurled around in a figure of eight?
  • Gathering the lads and heading out for a spot of fishing?
  • Cruising the canals on your Bowrider?
  • Blasting the cobwebs away on the jet-ski?
  • Taking a gentle sail at sunset?

Your pleasure craft is more than an asset, it’s the fun you wait for all week! Ensure your fun continues by protecting it with an insurance policy tailored to fit your needs.

What Does Your Pleasure Craft Insurance Need to Cover?

Comprehensive insurance

Your craft  the other craft

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Third party property only

The other craft only

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Third party fire and theft

The other car  fire & theft from your car

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Why Choose KLW for Your Pleasure Craft & PWC Insurance?

As a financial services hub, we’ve got the lot!
Want to borrow money to buy the boat you’ve always wanted? Check our lending, and organise a loan. While you’re at it, add insurance and consider your safety…maybe it’s time to check your life insurance cover before you get out on the water!

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