KLW Grows with You

At KLW Insurance & Planning Services we believe in long-term relationships; we’ve known many of our clients for half their lives! In fact, we grow alongside your family, celebrating the arrival of newborns, watching them go to school, university and then, in turn, helping them buy their first home, organise their super and protect their growing families.

It’s our fundamental belief that education unlocks the key to prosperity. That means we want to ensure you feel a greater understanding about your financial future after you’ve spent time with us. After all, you need to know where and how your money is invested and how your assets can be protected.

Throughout your journey in life, there are many different stages, and we’re pretty sure you’ll receive a curve ball or two! But with the right planning and strategies in place, along with a strong and trusted relationship with your financial professional, these curve balls should have a minimal impact on your financial goals.

With over 50 years of combined industry experience, we know our planning and strategies work.

We support and encourage you today to unlock YOUR financial potential.


  • Family focused
  • Sincere and approachable
  • Organised and thorough
  • Professional and ethical
  • Caring and compassionate


To help you understand your current financial position, and work with you to help you decide what you want to achieve financially – for you and your family – in the future.


To assist you to identify your goals and dreams to build a long-term relationship, which will ensure you achieve both financial and emotional security.

KLW in the Community

The KLW team proudly supports the
following organisations and sporting clubs

  • WesCarpade for Camp Quality
  • Leschenault Cricket Club
  • Three Springs Bowling Club
  • Three Springs Sporting Clubs

Our Founding Story

Who better to tell our founding story than the founding father himself, Kevin Lloyd-Woods:

“It was while school teaching that a friend of mine, an insurance agent for a company called Colonial Mutual, approached me about a change in career. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my 5 years of primary school teaching, I began to realise that career opportunities were limited and a lot of various teaching locations would need to be completed for promotions.

For me, selling insurance was something I always believed in. As an 8-year-old child, my father was killed in a car accident, and without his decision to have a substantial insurance policy in force, my family’s lives would have been completely different. In the early days, moving from being a popular school teacher to an insurance agent was very stressful.

My mother’s comment at the time was “what is wrong with your head Kevin?” Not a glowing endorsement for my newly chosen career by my mum, bless her. As a profession we were ranked lower than a car salesman; however, I fully believed in the product I was selling even though many of my friends didn’t. However, over the following years, I began to feel a real peace about my chosen profession due to the financial benefits that I witnessed my clients were receiving from my advice.

The fear, however, of ‘cold’ calling on people to see if they would talk to me, took a long time to leave me. Today, we have a staff of 8 servicing our client base in excess of 2000. Having been a part of the industry for 34 years, it is so rewarding to have clients retiring comfortably due to our advice over this time, and countless numbers of clients who have benefited by having the insurance protection we had recommended. The financial planning industry today is one that has gone from cold calls and door-knocking insurance salesmen to now, a highly rated profession. All of us at KLW Insurance & Planning Services are proud of the success we have achieved for our clients, and to be a part of this incredible industry.”

KLW Insurance