Meet Our Award Winning Team of Experts:

Daryl Vincent
General Insurance Specialist and Finance Broker
Credit Representative 486168 and Authorised Broker 1242846

Daryl Vincent is KLW’s General Insurance Specialist and Finance Broker.  Daryl says, “It’s all about our client’s”.  To be able to help our clients achieve a financial goal or seeing them recompensed and put back on their feet after a loss is incredibly satisfying. He enjoys working alongside his wife Fiona along with the rest of the KLW team. He still loves his Mighty Richmond Tigers too.

Fiona Vincent
General Insurance Specialist Authorised Broker 1261643

Fiona has been a part of the KLW team for over 4 years and has recently found her niche specialising in general insurance. Over Fiona’s time with KLW, she has seen the horrific impact under-insurance plays on our society and she’s determined to make a positive outcome for our existing and new clients. Fiona is known by the KLW team and her friends as fun-loving, honest and someone they can rely upon.

Tenille Treloar
Partner / Insurance Strategy Specialist

Tenille joined the KLW team in 2003 and became KLW’s Risk Specialist in 2006. In her role, she’s seen the heartache caused by life’s curve balls and is on a mission to spread the word about personal protection. Passionate, caring and loyal, if you’re lucky enough to call Tenille a friend she’ll be there for the long haul.

Nathan Treloar
Partner & Financial Planner
ASIC Authorised Representative: 423940 

Nathan breaks the mould when it comes to your stereotypical Financial Planner – a country boy, his rural roots have kept him grounded despite his success. Humble about his achievements, you won’t hear him bragging about winning the Rising Star Award, but the KLW team is proud of his accomplishments.

Kevin Lloyd-Woods
Founder & Financial Planner
ASIC Authorised Representative: 242176

Kevin, known affectionately as Woodsy, is the Founding Father of KLW, starting the company in 1980. After 37 years, Kevin has a loyal client base who appreciate his attentive service. On days off, he’s a keen ocean swimmer, a fun-loving Grandad and has been known to enjoy a counter lunch accompanied with a pint or three, with family or friends.

Daryl Vincent is KLW’s General Insurance Specialist, In Keeping with KLW’s “Client First’ philosophy, Daryl will come to your premises to understand your business and the risks!

Specialising in farming/agriculture, transport, trades and commercial insurances. Daryl will ensure you understand the risks associated with both “your business” and “you”. He’ll help you tailor the appropriate insurance portfolio for those risks.

Growing up in Victoria, Daryl hasn’t looked back since making Australind his home, and lives locally with his wife Fiona, two kids and ‘The Mutt’, Jake.

Daryl and Nathan go way back, working together in their early careers and developing a close family friendship. A few years ago, Nathan saw Daryl was looking for a new opportunity and shared his vision for the future expansion of KLW.

Knowing Daryl had excellent people skills, Nathan wanted him on board to lead the business into General Insurance and Finance Broking. Daryl and Fiona were excited about the opportunity to change lives with sound advice which took in the whole person, not just an isolated aspect of their finances.

The rest is history.

When Daryl’s not at work, you’ll find him enjoying a hearty meal and a good conversation with friends and family around the table, or round the camp fire laughing and telling stories.

He plays golf (in his own words – ‘very badly’). Daryl’s not one to sing his own praises but does have a claim to fame, winning the monthly medal at his old golf club many years ago with an 81 shot off the stick, which gave him a nett 59. He was playing off a 22 handicap at the time!

What does prosperity mean to Daryl?

Waking up knowing he has a loving family, good health and an exciting future. Daryl would love to see the frantic pace of the world slow down a little, so people would look up, take a breath and smell the roses.

Nationally & State Recognised Licensee Awards

  • 2015 Securitor National Rising Star 2015 – Nathan Treloar
  • 2015 Securitor WA Rising Star 2015 – Nathan Treloar
  • 2013 Securitor WA Runner Up Rising Star – Nathan Treloar
  • 2013 Securitor WA Risk Adviser of the Year Finalist – Tenille Treloar
  • 2010 Elders FP Top New Business – KLW Insurance & Planning Services
  • 2010 Elder FP Top New Business – Kevin Lloyd-Woods
  • 2009 Elders FP High Achiever – Tenille Treloar
  • 2008 Elders FP Franchise of the Year – KLW Insurance & Planning Services
  • 2008 Elders FP Top New Business FUM – KLW Insurance & Planning Services
  • 2007 Elders FP Best New Business Runner Up – KLW Insurance & Planning
  • 2007 Elders FP Top Franchise -KLW Insurance & Planning Services
  • 1995 Highest New Production – Kevin Lloyd-Woods
  • 1981 Internationals Award – Kevin Lloyd-Woods

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