What do we offer?

KLW is the financial hub that brings your financial world together in one place. Forget searching across the internet looking for lenders with the best rates, here we can arrange the right solution for every aspect of your life.

Home buyers who want to save time with pre-approval

Why? Because you have enough on your plate juggling home opens, paperwork and family, and you want the best rates from reliable lenders without wasting time on multiple appointments.

Growing families improving their lifestyle

Why? Because you know how borrowing works and want to make a smart decision, and get the facts from a trusted broker who can move you forwards.

Borrowers making a fresh start in life

Why? Because you’re looking to take control, start over and build your future. It’s daunting to borrow when you’re on your own, so you’re looking for the support of a team who understands the challenges you face.

Owner builders creating their architectural dream

Why? Because you have worked hard to achieve this milestone, and you want the right advice along with the hard facts that will make this dream a reality.

5 Reasons to Choose KLW as Your Finance Broker

1.  Bypass the bank blockers – with extensive experience we help you get to the facts, accessing lenders who will look for a work-around if you have poor credit history.

2.  Compare apples with apples – how can you choose the loan that’s right for you when you can’t see what’s being compared? Make sense of fees, interest rates and terms by asking the experts to compare apples with apples.

3.  Keep more $$ in your pocket – the price you pay for impulse buying is higher rates! When you arrange your loan with a cool head, you can clearly assess which lender will give you the best rates so there’s more $$$ in your pocket.

4.  Every question answered – no question is too silly to us because we know assumption, jargon and waffle keep you in the dark. Let the finance brokers at KLW turn the light on so you can see quickly, and easily, how your loan will work for you.

5.  Loans that plays nice – your loans don’t live in isolation, they must fit in with the other members of your financial family – home loan, car finance, credit cards… Speaking to a KLW financial planner helps you to achieve balance and keep financial harmony at home.

Want your finances to play nice?

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