Here’s What You Need to Know

You are responsible for providing workers’ compensation and injury management. These requirements are put in place to reduce the financial impact of a work-related injury or illness on your business. They also help to manage a workplace injury at the coal face of operations, and the worker’s rehabilitation and return to work.

Your Obligations

Cover your workers

Anyone you employ must have workers’ compensation insurance and it is your legal obligation to comply with this.

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Reporting accidents & industrial diseases

If an injury occurs in the workplace there are specific procedures that you must comply with, including completing a Workers’ Compensation Claim Form.

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Injury Management systems

You need to have an injury management system in place, which documents the steps to be followed when there is an injury in the workplace.

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Noise-induced hearing loss

It’s mandatory to arrange baseline hearing tests in prescribed workplaces, even if your workers are wearing hearing protection.

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A settlement finalises a workers’ compensation claim and may also prevent the worker from pursuing common law damages.

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Work Cover WA

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If your staff suffer an injury at work then Workers’ Compensation will protect you, and assist them on the road to recovery. Ensure compliance with the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981 with a review of your current Workers’ Comp.

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