If the Unthinkable Happens, There's One Less Thing to Worry About...

Life doesn't always go according to plan – in changing times you need advice you can trust. For over 40 years Australian families have turned to KLW to plan for life's ups and downs.

Fed Up with Financial Advice that Doesn't Add Up?

When it comes to your money, every financial decision has a domino effect – what you borrow and buy affects your cashflow, savings and credit ratings.

How do you get a clear picture of what's going on? With KLW – your financial services hub





Are you ready for an award-winning team of experts to work together to bring you prosperity?

Ten years away from retirement?

Get answers to these nagging questions:

  • Will we ever be mortgage free?
  • How can I be sure that our super is enough?
  • Are my travel plans just a dream?

Family responsibilities growing fast?

Find answers to these pressing questions:

  • How are we ever going to get ahead?
  • Are we protected from life’s curve balls?
  • Who can we turn to for good advice?

Want to feel in control of your financial future?

Protect the ones you love and prosper from a brighter future with a plan from KLW...

Forget Everything You know About Financial Advisers...KLW is Different!

The caring professionals who come to you

When you book your appointment, we visit you at home.

Why? Because when we're your guest, you can relax in your own surroundings and enjoy the conversation.


No cost obligation-free appointments

Yes, we spend several hours with you at no cost, and with no obligation to use our services.

Why? Because we’re financial professionals not salesmen, so there’s no slick pitch.


We take the time to get to know you. It’s important to discover if we’re a good fit and if our values of integrity, family and prosperity are aligned with yours.

How does it work?

You call, we meet, we build the future you deserve.

Our turnkey solution means you can see the complete picture from your home loan to superannuation.

Every Important Step Begins with You

We get to know

Discover where
you are now

Ask where you want to
be tomorrow

See how we can help
you get there

You don't need all the answers, just a few ideas and we'll help with the rest.

Experience the wrap-around service that puts you in control of your finances

Meet our Award Winning Team of Experts

Daryl Vincent
General Insurance Specialist and Finance Broker
Credit Representative 486168 and Authorised Broker 1242846

Daryl Vincent is KLW’s General Insurance Specialist and Finance Broker.  Daryl says, “It’s all about our client’s”.  To be able to help our clients achieve a financial goal or seeing them recompensed and put back on their feet after a loss is incredibly satisfying. He enjoys working alongside his wife Fiona along with the rest of the KLW team. He still loves his Mighty Richmond Tigers too.

Fiona Vincent
General Insurance Specialist Authorised Broker 1261643

Fiona has been a part of the KLW team for over 4 years and has recently found her niche specialising in general insurance. Over Fiona’s time with KLW, she has seen the horrific impact under-insurance plays on our society and she’s determined to make a positive outcome for our existing and new clients. Fiona is known by the KLW team and her friends as fun-loving, honest and someone they can rely upon.

Tenille Treloar
Partner / Insurance Strategy Specialist

Tenille joined the KLW team in 2003 and became KLW’s Risk Specialist in 2006. In her role, she’s seen the heartache caused by life’s curve balls and is on a mission to spread the word about personal protection. Passionate, caring and loyal, if you’re lucky enough to call Tenille a friend she’ll be there for the long haul.

Nathan Treloar
Partner & Financial Planner
ASIC Authorised Representative: 423940 

Nathan breaks the mould when it comes to your stereotypical Financial Planner – a country boy, his rural roots have kept him grounded despite his success. Humble about his achievements, you won’t hear him bragging about winning the Rising Star Award, but the KLW team is proud of his accomplishments.

Kevin Lloyd-Woods
Founder & Financial Planner
ASIC Authorised Representative: 242176

Kevin, known affectionately as Woodsy, is the Founding Father of KLW, starting the company in 1980. After 37 years, Kevin has a loyal client base who appreciate his attentive service. On days off, he’s a keen ocean swimmer, a fun-loving Grandad and has been known to enjoy a counter lunch accompanied with a pint or three, with family or friends.

Get a clear picture of where you’re at and where you’re heading, just like David did. He had questions when he came to KLW for advice in 2010.
Here’s what David said 7 years later:

Our situation would have been very different without KLW

I hadn’t given much thought to the changes made in my Superannuation, Life Insurances and Income Protection at first, and then I started to receive advice from Nathan, Tenille and Amy.

Some unexpected health issues reminded me that without KLW’s help, mine and my family’s situation would be completely different.

They have proved they are not just good at their jobs but are good people.

David Baggetta

Protect the ones you love


Over 800 clients later, our reputation as the caring professionals has grown through word-of-mouth.
When you find yourself at a crossroads in life, it’s good to have people you can trust.
That’s how Brian and Bridget felt when they asked KLW for help in firming up their financial future. Here’s what they said:

Confidence for the future

The information given to us was factual and realistic, with everything explained in easy to understand terms. Giving us the confidence in securing a better life.

KLW sorted everything, it was so easy and stress free. We knew exactly what we were getting into and our only regret is that we didn’t do it earlier!

Brian & Bridget McCahon

Protect the ones you love

KLW Insurance