If you’re anything like us, your car is your lifeline…can you imagine how you’d manage without it?

  • How would you get to work and back?
  • Take the kids to footy?
  • Tow the caravan?
  • Pack up the dogs for a run on the beach?
  • Hook up the jet-ski?

When you take vehicle insurance, you’re securing the freedom that is so easy to take for granted. Insure your vehicle with a KLW broker and depend on us to get the best possible quote, coupled with a service tailored to your needs.

What Does Your Vehicle Insurance Need to Cover?

Comprehensive car insurance

Your car  the other car

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Third party property damage

The other car only

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Third party fire and theft

The other car  fire & theft from your car

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Why Choose KLW for Your Motor Insurance?

Our brokers are experienced professionals who take care of more than your car insurance. We’re a financial services hub that can help you borrow and buy, protect and insure life’s necessities and luxuries. As brokers, you get more choice!

KLW’s advantage is in the strength in our variety of providers:

  • Variety – KLW has over 29 insurers to choose from.
  • Products to fit your circumstances.
  • Freedom to find the policy and protection tailored to you.

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