Protect the Life You Love (and the People in It)

Life’s messy, unpredictable and you rarely see the curve balls coming.

That’s why Life Insurance helps you to get a handle on the unexpected. Your family deserves the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can weather the storm together, without worrying about your finances.


After all, you’ve worked hard to provide for the people you love, so it makes sense to protect them.

Over 37 years, KLW has helped hundreds of families get the right Life Insurance cover. People like Ashley and Nina Ward, who weren’t sure if they really needed life cover. Here’s what they had to say:

KLW truly understands the importance that family holds for me.

“When I first considered Insurance, be it Life, Trauma, TPD or income protection, I was really unsure to whether it was really necessary.

After speaking with the staff from KLW, I realised how important it was to protect my children and their future.

I would have to say the decision was one of the best I have ever made. When I needed coverage the most, I was covered.”

Ashley and Nina Ward

Nobody Enjoys Thinking About Losing the People They Love…

It’s painful and distressing BUT it could hurt you more to ignore it.

When life deals your health a devastating blow, it’s a relief to know you won’t have financial worries on top of everything else. That’s why Life Insurance is such a lifeline, saving families from the added misery of money worries.

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