Seen the Wheels That Will Take You Places?

Unlock your next adventure with a vehicle that’s designed for your best driving experience yet.

  • Seen the Harley you’ve always wanted?
  • Glimpsed the 4×4 that’s got your name on it?
  • Noticed that nippy little number you want to call your own?

With the right finance, anything is possible…

What’s more, KLW brokers have access to a sweeping variety of lenders to make sure you get the right finance for your needs. And with your financing in place, you’ll have more choices and the opportunity to negotiate a better deal on whatever car or vehicle you want to buy.

Don’t get taken for a ride at a dealership…

We’re here to see you get a competitive rate on all your vehicle finance and that includes loans for cars, motorbikes, trucks and even plant and equipment for your business. We can shop around with lenders to find exactly the right loan for you, considering your personal circumstances.

After your house, a car is one of the larger purchases you’ll make. A loan brokered by KLW’s vehicle finance specialist gives you the freedom to make a purchase without having to find a significant sum of money upfront. With tight household budgets for most families, a loan is a practical solution to cashflow management.

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Here’s How KLW Gets You 0n the Road:

  • Exclusive search and select facility – with access to the Macquarie Vehicle Select Program, we search for new vehicles and genuine demos for our clients. This obligation-free service can help you save money, time, and cuts through the sales patter of a typical dealership.
  • Bypass the slick sales pitch – with dealerships offering finance it’s hard to get the facts about the best rates for borrowing. When you speak to us, forget the slick sales pitch because we work with multiple lenders to get the best deal for you.
  • Get finance to fit your lifestyle – deciding on the best vehicle finance impacts other areas of your life – no point having the car of your dreams if you can’t afford to enjoy it! We’ll help you take a balanced view and get the finance that fits your lifestyle, with help from our financial planners.
  • Compare apples with apples – compare apples with apples and make sense of interest rates, lock-in clauses and repayment obligations, by talking to the experts.
  • Get clear on car finance – no question is ever off limits when you speak to our finance experts. You deserve finance that doesn’t tie you up in knots with jargon, technical language or waffle. We’ll make sure you’re in the know from the get-go!
  • Car loans that fit like a glove – your finances work like a well-oiled machine; each part fits seamlessly to keep the cogs turning. At KLW, we look at all the moving parts – home loan, credit cards, insurance – to make sure your car loan keeps the cogs turning.

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