Planning for the Future

When you plan for the future, you take stock of where you are today so you can be in a better place tomorrow.

How do you feel when you think about your future?

1. Worried and uncertain?
2. Confident and secure?
3. In the dark?

If you answered yes to numbers 1 or 3, KLW can help you feel in control again.

Our clients come to us because they feel unsettled about what lies ahead. They have a feeling that they could be doing better but they’re unsure how to make it a reality. They dream of a lifestyle without the stress of financial uncertainty, but don’t know how to create it.

KLW takes feelings and niggles and makes them into plans that deliver results.

The Truth About Taking Action

Has uncertainty about the future niggled away in the back of your mind for months? The thought of sharing your personal information with a financial adviser can hold you back from taking action.
The truth is, our clients tell us all the time they wish they’d seen us sooner and put their uncertainties to bed.

That’s how Colin and Sue felt:

We didn’t know what to expect

Before our appointment with KLW, we didn’t know what to expect. We were uncomfortable about giving our financial information out and the care of our money to someone I didn’t know, as you do hear of people getting ripped off all the time.

Colin and Sue Henry

KLW Financial advisers understand that your finances are private.

It feels strange to discuss them outside of your family, that’s why we come to visit you in your home. We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable, not edgy and nervous.

How did things work out for Colin and Sue?

The best choice we made

The impact of the advice has allowed us to own our own home and vehicles, we have access to our funds if or when required and I was able to retire along with my husband, instead of having to wait an extra 4 years.

After our initial meeting, we learnt how to trust KLW with our superannuation and financial planning. And I am happy to say this was the best choice we have made.

Colin and Sue Henry

What happens during your first appointment?

We have a chat, like ordinary people.

We get to know you, what matters to you and your family and the future you would like to achieve. Then you build the dream, set some goals and we listen.

The next step…

We make sense of all the information, assess your risks, current position and discuss your options.

Want to take the first step?

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