Protect You and Yours

It’s common sense to insure your car, home or caravan but what about you or your number 1 asset, YOUR INCOME?

Who Needs Protecting?

Young families with growing responsibilities

Why? Because with a home loan, bills and a young family you’re the one who they depend on.

Business owners and entrepreneurs

Why? Because your livelihood depends on you and it’s not protected by anyone else.

Parents enjoying new freedom after kids leave

Why? Because you’re entering a new phase of wealth and your security is more important than ever.

5 Important Questions to Ask Before You Take Protective Insurance

Important Question #1 – Do you have any level of cover?

Do you already have life cover, or total permanent disability (TPD) cover in your superannuation? We can help you to understand the paperwork and find out where you stand.

Important Question #2 – Do you have the right level of cover?

Risk protection is a broad term and, within it, each policy defines very specific protection. Have you got enough cover to take care of the things that matter to  you and yours?

Important Question #3 – Who does your family depend on?

Consider the impact of losing your main household income; how would your family manage? We help you to assess the risk and determine the cover you need in these unstable economic times.

Important Question #4 – Are you a business owner?

97% of the WA economy is made up of business owners and entrepreneurs: if you own a business and couldn’t work, what fixed costs do you have to cover? Be prepared and plan for the unexpected.

Important Question #5 – Could you take time off to care for a loved one?

When serious illness strikes, insurance buys you time. Caring for your family when time is running out is bad enough, but add pressure to return to work and it’s unimaginable. Do you want to protect your family from this heartache?

Want to talk protection?

Don’t know where to start? Talk to our team today –  08 9797 0166

Our team will walk you through the protection that’s best for your family, making it easy to understand the level of cover that is right for you. Adrian needed that kind of advice when he met with the team at KLW.

There’s one less thing to worry about…

“KLW helped me with my Superannuation, Life, Trauma, TPD & Income Protection insurance, Housing & Landlords insurance. I now have peace of mind knowing that if the unthinkable happens, there is one less thing to worry about when trying to deal with it.”

Adrian Gargallo

KLW Insurance