All the Benefits of Owning a Car Without the Unexpected Costs!

KLW will help you choose the best lease that allows you to manage your cashflow and drive away in the vehicle you want today, while managing your money for tomorrow.

Who is a Lease Ideal For?

Business owners who need a vehicle for their work

Why? Because you can manage cashflow and make tax savings with a lease arrangement.

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Employees who want to salary package

Why? Because a Novated lease will help you get the most from your remuneration package.

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How Does Leasing Work?

With a vehicle lease, the finance company buys the vehicle and you lease it back from them. There are a few options to determine the best lease arrangement for your circumstances, and your KLW broker can help determine this. Whatever the type of lease, you gain peace of mind with fixed payments for a set period. At the end of your lease, you can buy the vehicle by paying out the residual value or treat yourself to an upgrade and start the lease anew!

Benefits of leasing your vehicle:

  •  New car every 2-5 years – because you can renew your vehicle lease every 2-5 years, a new car is achievable for a steady monthly fee
  • Lower repayments – because the financier offsets the GST, you only pay for the real value not the added tax!
  • Spread costs – forget those unexpected repair bills, you can make extra payments that cover fuel, repairs and servicing each month, to smooth the cashflow
  • Pay less interest – as the lease is secured against the vehicle, you incur lower interest rates, which means more money in your pocket

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