Raylene Anderson

My Prosperity & Project Expert

Raylene Anderson

Raylene joined the KLW team in August 2017, and was thrown straight into our latest software, My Prosperity that will be the core of our financial planning modelling for our clients. Raylene has many projects on the go at KLW and always finds a way to succeed with a smile.

Raylene’s friends describe her as loyal, committed and humorous, which are perfect qualities to fit effortlessly into our KLW team.

A good time for Raylene looks like camping, cocktails and sunshine with friends and family (even better if the destination is in Northern WA).

Raylene enjoys cake decorating, travelling and fitness. Even though Raylene doesn’t play a sport, she enjoys watching football and is a keen supporter of the West Coast Eagles.

What does prosperity look like to Raylene?

To be debt free and be able to spend my retirement travelling and enjoying life with my family & friends.

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