Kelly Baggetta

Reception & Administration

Kelly Baggetta

Kelly is our newest asset to the KLW team, joining our team in November 2017. Kelly is excited to be a part of our great industry, to meet the clients of KLW and to grow with the KLW family.

Kelly’s friends describe her as always happy, positive and very caring. Kelly devotes her time to her beloved husband, their two children Rocky & Bonnie, their family and friends. Kelly has a love for running (winning her first half marathon), gardening and is always up for a challenge, the latest one being True Grit, which she nailed in October.

Kelly is not quiet in letting everyone know that she is Christmas maddd. If you are lucky enough to cross paths with Kelly in the festive season, she will definitely sprinkle you with some Christmas cheer!

What does prosperity look like to Kelly?

To be debt free and have enough money to do something good for other people in need. To be able to grow enough fruit and vegetables to sustain our family. To be able to still work hard but still have plenty of fun with family and friends.

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