Daryl Vincent

Daryl Vincent
General Insurance and Finance Specialist
Credit Representative 486168 and Authorised Broker 1242846

Daryl Vincent

Daryl Vincent is KLW’s Finance and General Insurance Specialist, which means he helps you to enjoy life more! Whether that’s getting your first home, buying a jet-ski or snapping up the best deal, he’s the man that makes finance happen!

Growing up in Victoria, Daryl hasn’t looked back since making Australind his home, and lives locally with his wife Fiona, two kids and ‘The Mutt’, Jake.
Daryl and Nathan go way back, working together in their early careers and developing a close family friendship. A few years ago, Nathan saw Daryl was looking for a new opportunity and shared his vision for the future expansion of KLW.

Knowing Daryl had excellent people skills, Nathan wanted him on board to lead the business into General Insurance and Finance Broking. Daryl and Fiona were excited about the opportunity to change lives with sound advice which took in the whole person, not just an isolated aspect of their finances.

The rest is history.

When Daryl’s not at work, you’ll find him enjoying a hearty meal and a good conversation with friends and family around the table, or round the camp fire laughing and telling stories.

He plays golf (in his own words – ‘very badly’). Daryl’s not one to sing his own praises but does have a claim to fame, winning the monthly medal at his old golf club many years ago with an 81 shot off the stick, which gave him a nett 59. He was playing off a 22 handicap at the time!

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