Angela Repacholi

Accounts Manager

Angela Repacholi

Angela joined the KLW team in 1996 after looking for other employment opportunities. Kevin asked his daughter if she could type (interview & resume in one) – of course Angela’s reply was ‘Yes Dad!’. Today, the company would be lost without Angela. Her role has evolved to include maintaining the company’s accounts, payroll and bookkeeping.

As a Mum to four children, Angela has her hands full! Since having children, Angela no longer works in the office but still plays an active role from home. She loves the benefits of working from home but enjoys her weekly visits to the office to say hello!

Netball is a big part of Angela’s life with her daughters representing WA on several occasions. Recently Ang’s daughter has taken her sporting career to the next level and has been selected in the team for East Fremantle Football club, now show casing her talent just like her younger brother and father.  Even though Ang is a past player, you will still see her on the court from time to time playing and actively coaching many of the South West teams.

Angela prides herself in seeing the good in everyone and is known to her friends as a caring, gentle, positive person who is devoted to her children and family.

What does prosperity look like to Angela?

To own our home, travel in a caravan throughout Australia and to retire with the freedom to choose how we spend our days.

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