Karene Lloyd-Woods

Co-Founder & Client Policy Services

Karene Lloyd-Woods

Karene, known to her friends as Kaz, was co-founder of KLW with Kevin in 1980. As a partner in the business, Kaz handles the day-to-day administration of the superannuation transactions and is an indispensable part of the team.

Living locally, Kaz loves the freedom of having family close by while enjoying the flexibility to find peace and quiet on her rural block. Compassionate, sincere and caring, she has helped to shape the family-oriented culture within KLW.

With a friendly and helpful personality, Kaz is always happy to assist and enjoys building a great relationship with our clients. Kaz likes to keep fit, enjoys walking her dogs, coaching the netball team and watching the football… Go Freo!

What does prosperity look like to Kaz?

Good health, a strong faith and a loving family.

KLW Plan Protect Prosper:

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