Amy Kimber

Administration Assistant – Risk

Amy Kimber

Amy has been with the KLW team for 3 years and has over 7 years of industry experience. Amy works alongside Tenille helping their new and existing clients understand their protection needs, as well as providing research and preparing documentation. Amy is also our CRM champion, managing all the changes behind the scenes and leading the team in the adoption of new technology.

Amy came to hear about the job opening at KLW by a mutual friend and an existing KLW client. It was fair to say when Tenille read the name on the top of the resume, she was quick to pick up the phone and organise the first interview… the rest is history.

Amy lives locally and loves the region with its wonderful community, local wines and beautiful beaches. When she’s not working she’s a soccer supporter, having played for the Australind Blues.

What does prosperity look like to Amy?

Being able to spend quality time with my family and friends in our beautiful part of the world, and owning our own home and travelling the world.

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