Asharie and Damien Got Cover Just In Time…
You Won’t Believe the Relief They Felt

About Asharie and Damien

Asharie and Damien thought they had enough life cover within their Super.


Asharie and Damien thought they were covered automatically through their Super


Asked for a review with Tenille and Nathan


Relief when cancer struck and they had enough cover

How KLW helped

At KLW, we understand that it’s a powerful feeling to know that if something goes wrong you and your family are protected. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping people like Asharie and Damien understand the level of cover they have.

When we examined their Super cover, we found that it was less than they thought and advised them to take further protection.

We were so glad they took our advice because, without it, their lives would have looked very different when Asharie was diagnosed with breast cancer.

It’s a common assumption that your Life Insurance is all taken care of through your Super, but it’s not always enough.

Here’s what Asharie & Damien said:

Our experiences with the KLW team have been amazing. We have been with KLW for the past 5 years, and we will not use any other service for our insurances and financial advice.

Before coming to KLW, we did not have Life, TPD or Trauma Insurance, besides what is attached to our Super, thinking like most people, “It’ll never happen to us”. Luckily for us, Tenille and Nathan entered our lives and made suggestions to us, which we followed up with.

In 2015, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and Tenille made the whole process of organising my Trauma cover so easy. As you can imagine, dealing with medical issues and specialists is full on enough, let alone all the paperwork and phone calls to make a claim.

So thankfully, Tenille streamlined this process for us and we will be forever thankful to her for taking this stress away from our family at the time. The financial advice provided by Nathan has allowed us to reach our financial goals, and to set new goals and targets.

Both Nathan and Tenille are happy to chat and discuss any issues or concerns we may have with our finances or health.

We recommend Nathan and Tenille to anyone and everyone, my parents are also with KLW and cannot speak highly enough of them. We fully and unreservedly recommend KLW services.

Asharie & Damian Bradshaw

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